With our latest revolutionary Exterminex baiting system, we are able to eradicate termite infestation that invaded your premises and irritated you!

Compared to the conventional subterranean termite control method, Exterminex is ideal for environments with children and elderly as it is non-toxic and safe to the environment.

Advantages of Exterminex termite baiting are detailed below.

Conventional Insecticide Spray Exterminex Baiting System
Solution Unpredictable chemical movement or degradation over time (contamination of water, etc). Non-toxic, low-invasive, and environmentally friendly.
Application Large volume of termiticide is applied around the perimeter of the building, accompanied by drilling or injection through adjacent walls, porches and patios. Easy installation process.
Termite Detection/ Extermination Passive manner, unable to detect termite in a comprehensive and timely manner. Active manner, actively attracts termites to enter and feed on the newly improvised termite bait.


Prevention is always better than cure. With Exterminex termite bait stations installed near to your premises, you have just secured yourself a long term approach to termite control. Before termites are entering your house, they will be attracted to the bait station.

Exterminex termite bait stations are proven to be effective and safe, along with our experienced technician to conduct proper monitoring and maintenance of the station, we ensure your family and premises are safe and pest free.

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